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Analysis of Lamp Language
Oct 25, 2017

In the process of driving during the day, the light can not play a good role in the prompt and communication, which requires us to use the whistle as a car and car communication between the way. However, at night with the light to do "prompt" or "warning", the reasonable horn can play a better role in suggesting. But improper use of speakers, often cause strong dissatisfaction with others. How can we reasonably use the "car speaker language"?

One, two cars across the face when the encounter

Corresponding language: short of a "Di"

When the two cars across the encounter, a short "Di" is a greeting language. This "beep" sound light, short, will not cause other people's resentment. Generally used for two car drivers to greet each other, or the driver and pedestrians say hello, but also the wrong car when the expression of a ritual language.

Second, overtaking, polite three points to pay tribute

Corresponding language: short two "Di Di"

Overtaking, in the usual case is the first car, or express first. When you want to overtake, in addition to light to indicate the car, it is best to add a short two "Di Di". This way to master the scale, can not let the front of the driver to produce resentment.

Third, to remind the front of the pedestrian or non-motor vehicles

Corresponding language: short and rhythmic three "Di Di Di" or "Di Di Di Di Di"

In normal driving, to remind the front of the pedestrian and non-motor vehicle attention, and give way for their own. You can use short and rhythmic three times the whistle "Di Di Di" to be prompted to avoid the occurrence of traffic accidents. In another case, in pedestrians, motor vehicles less road or through the intersection, you can use the "beep Di Di Di" whistle way. The purpose is in the normal driving speed, prompting the front pedestrians and vehicles, to avoid the sudden pedestrian or vehicle and make their own by surprise.

Four, long distance there are obstacles, forced overtaking or emergency turn

Corresponding language: whistle long "Di ~ ~"

In the process of running, encountered obstacles in the distance, forced overtaking and a sharp turn, you can use the whistle long beating "Di ~ ~" way. Its purpose is "prompt" or "warning" before the car or pedestrians and so on. Of course, this whistle is very easy to cause other people's dissatisfaction, and some places are prohibited area, it is not recommended for frequent use.

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