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Car lights common sense
Oct 25, 2017

It is difficult to distinguish between large and small lighting equipment,

There are night lights on the car (according to the function can be divided into high beam, low beam), night lights, lights (including turn lights, brake lights), fog lights, license plate lights, all kinds of lights with Different use, the use of very particular about.

Night lighting: commonly known as "headlights", headlights for the whole car is "heart" parts. Reasonable use of the headlamps should be done when the car will become low beam, the car will change back to the future in time to give away the line of sight, make up for the car when the line of sight is unclear. Through the intersection and overtaking should be to change the distance near the light to prompt.

Night lights: commonly known as "small lights", this light is used to display the body width and length at night. The driver usually routine maintenance should always check, and some drivers that light can not afford the role of light, its not enough attention, it is very wrong.

Signal lights: including turn signals (double flash) and brake lights. Proper use of the signal lights is important for safe driving.

Turn signal: This light is turned on when the vehicle turns, intermittently shining, to remind the front and rear of the vehicle and pedestrian attention. Turn the lights to open the time to master, should be from the turn around 30 meters to 100 meters to open. Open too early will cause the car after the "forget to turn to the lights," the illusion, opened the evening will be followed by the rear of the vehicle, pedestrians no thought to prepare, often busy in the wrong.

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