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Common causes of vehicle lights and maintenance
Oct 25, 2017

Car lights like the eyes of the car, whether it is day or night, it is playing a role, but relatively delicate, if the use of improper maintenance, lamp life loss, there will be a series of failures! Therefore, know how to use the relevant knowledge , Will be able to better use the lights.

1 lamp failure causes

In addition to the normal life of the lamp light reasons, the lights and the general problem of the quality of the lights, the other is related to illegal modification. Headlamps is most afraid of the water, if the lights are not sealed, it is easy to have water vapor, filament, etc. are also easy to burn, and the reflective surface is also easy to change color, so after the failure of the light out there is a problem.

2 How to avoid the lamp failure

To the lights do not have abnormal failure, we should pay attention to the usual use. First of all, the lights can not soak in the water inside, the car in the driving, the front of the water splashing on the lights generally do not have any effect, and if the car was opened when the front cover with water pressure gun to wash the engine and lights , Then the lights are very easy to water at this time, FAW Toyota and some manufacturers on the provisions of the car wash when the cloth can only scrub the engine, and can not be washed with water. Because the car is fixed to install the location of the plastic used only has a dust-proof function, without a waterproof function.

3 car owners how to self-test lights failure

If the owner felt that the use of lights feel is not very comfortable or not ideal, it is best to go to 4S shop repair or debugging. High beam light is not the role of concentrating, the beam is the role of light, but the high beam is not that the higher the better. 4S shop to do car maintenance when the main lights will see the brightness, height is normal, with or without water, whether the burst, etc., the lights in the maintenance process is still very easy to identify whether there is a problem. And the owner himself wants to identify whether the problem with the lights, the main is to see the strength of the lights, with or without light, with or without water and so on.

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