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Continuous rainy weather, car lights water how to do?
Oct 25, 2017

The car into the water main generally have these three reasons.

One is done before the lights modified, remove the headlamps after the re-installation is not tight, the water from the gasket at the infiltration.

Second, the car has occurred in the collision part of the car lights or cracks in the body deformation of the headlamps, so there is a gap.

Third, the lamp process, but the customs or gasket aging and other non-human factors, of course, in the actual service division of the master service center, there may be behind the headlights dust cover and other parts of the rubber seal out of the problem.

In addition, it should also be noted that the vehicle wading or the use of high-pressure water gun car wash are likely to cause the car headlamps into the water.

Is it fog or water?

If the exclusion, the lights in the open for some time, the fog with the heat through the vent tube out of the lamp, then just the lights fog, the basic will not hurt the headlights. But do not bake the headlamps, it is easy to burn the headlamps.

What is the water?

But if you find the car headlamps inside the water too much, this time should go to the professional repair shop as soon as possible dismantling maintenance. Technicians will generally remove the headlamps and open the lampshade, after drying to check whether the surface of the headlamps damaged or possible leakage of the place, if not found abnormal, will recommend the owner to replace the headlamp cover and ventilation pipes and other hardware equipment The

Finally, to remind the owners of friends: night driving can not ignore the headlights of the security risks, driving lights should be checked before the lighting effects, headlamps brightness, headlamp height and brake lights, turn the lamp work is normal.

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