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Night driving, which is the strongest lethal lamp
Oct 25, 2017

More than 106cd / m2 of light will be injured

First of all, from the light intensity, any lights will damage the eyes, the eyes can withstand this visible light, the maximum bright spot value is basically per square meter 106 candela.

This is what we buy a monitor TV it will have, called CD value Well, is the CD slash this square meter a sign, it is a unit of light intensity, called Candela, or you call CD.

The lamp has a light source intensity of 15,000 or more

In accordance with the annual inspection standards of China's lights, the new car's high beam, candela to more than 18,000 or more, if used for some time, second-hand car or old car more than 15,000.

High-intensity lights to see clear road

Why is it so much difference? People's lights are illuminated, according to the ground and then reflected back to the eyes up, it looks just right, to see clearly.

That is no matter what light, are on the eye damage is very large, as long as the high beam is not normal use.

Halogen lamps have the lowest eye damage

Today we talk about what kind of the most fierce it, that chromatography above the words, xenon lights and LED lights it hurt the human eye is higher than the halogen lamp.

Halogen lamps on the one hand their own brightness will be lower, there is a more important reason is because it is the distance is relatively short. Ordinary halogen headlamps 50 meters of light, far from 200 meters is excellent. Halogen light warm light, the distance away from the color plus its warm light, the visual sense of the more friendly, eye more easily accept the eye, it looks relatively good. And according to the not very far away, it will not be all the way to the other side, until the car through, equal to the time to be shouted to the shorter.

Xenon lamp irradiation distance, eye irritation

Xenon lamp is understood as a good daylight, the light it is blue and white tone, in some cases, the xenon lamp on the human eye irritation is relatively strong. And far away, it is longer and so on, which means that you saw its high beam earlier. Then it took longer to see the high beam, the completion of such a process of intersection, eye damage will be greater.

LED light the brightest eye to kill large

LED is the brightest light source in three kinds of light. A few small pieces of small pieces of stars on the day to light, then it and the same as xenon lights are blue light, eye damage is relatively large. That integrated down, LED it is greater than the xenon lamp, xenon lamp it is greater than the halogen lamp.

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