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The tail lights of a car generally have the following types
Oct 25, 2017

First, the brake lights, the brake lights are divided into two categories: in the left and right brake lights (two) and high brake lights (one) truck taillights

1, left and right brake lights is an important part of the rear lights, is a left and right distribution in both sides of the rear lights. It is red, with red warning. In the brake a step on the light (including handbrake). Brake lights are prompted by the vehicle behind their own car to slow down or stop, in the back of the car can be prepared in advance. Now the brake lights are generally fog lights, is able to penetrate thick fog. Also useful LED lights do brake lights.

2, high brake lights, generally installed in the rear of the rear, so that the rear of the vehicle is easy to find the front of the vehicle brake, and play to prevent rear-end accident occurred. The high brake light is a vehicle that alerts the rear of the vehicle to avoid rear-end accidents. There is no high brake light for vehicles, especially chassis lower cars and minivans in braking due to the lower position of the rear brake lights, the usual brightness is not enough, followed by the following vehicles, especially the chassis of the higher trucks, Buses and bus drivers are sometimes hard to see. So the occurrence of rear-end accident risk is relatively large.

Second, the reversing lights

The reversing light is automatically turned on when the driver hangs the reverse gear, which is transparent, mainly from the role of the prompt and the night in the lighting effect.

Third, the reflective light / article

In the car after the lights, from the reflective effect. When the back of the car irradiation, no matter from which direction, can be returned along the same road, illuminated in the back of the driver's eyes, from the prompt role.

Four, after turning to the lights

In the car after the lights, flashing someone else to turn the car.

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