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Xenon lamp features and classification
Oct 25, 2017

1, high color temperature, light color blue

Looks more handsome. K is the number of k signs, the general color temperature of halogen lamps are below 3000. Xenon lamp is generally 4500k start. 7000k very common. Two days ago to see a buddy said there are 12000k xenon lamp, crazy, sure blue purple. K number is high, generally closer to the sun, more easily accepted, but I think the real high temperature benefits, just look good, the other little effect.

2, high brightness

Note that the color temperature and brightness are fundamentally different concepts, xenon light is not because the color temperature is high, but because of high brightness. Brightness unit is lumen, xenon lamp lumens are generally three times the ordinary halogen.

3, low energy consumption, long life

The other, such as energy consumption is small, long life with our little relationship.

Xenon lamp classification

Xenon lamp in the form of a total of six bulbs. (The above two kinds of lights are generally used in the original xenon lamp system such as pst, audi, etc.) h1 (high light bulb), h3 (fog lights), h4 (far and near light), with the lens of the high beam, Light bulb), h7 (low light bulb)

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