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Car Lights Conversion Method
Oct 25, 2017

Increase power or spotlights

This approach is less expensive, but the effect is limited. Will be 50W of the headlamps into 100W, the brightness will not simply double, and only add a little bit. As the circuit and the use of 100W bulbs do not match, resulting in a corresponding increase in line loss, headlamps at both ends of the voltage will drop, resulting in increased line load, buried the hidden dangers.

Conclusion: simple conversion, low cost, poor results, unsafe, not recommended.

Use the light line

Increased light is between the headlights and the battery between the two can be controlled by the relay through the thick wire, the principle of light is to reduce the line voltage loss, so that the actual battery voltage to the headlights at both ends of the voltage is basically close, so slightly There is light effect, but the brightness of the headlamps with the engine speed changes, for the aging of the car effect is more obvious.

Conclusion: change the more simple, low cost, the effect of general, safe, recommended

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