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IIHS Assault Test, Headlights Big Event Who Has The Final Say?
Oct 24, 2017

For the name of the IIHS, many fans are no stranger, it is full name for the American Highway Safety Insurance Association, is a NPO non-profit organization. Operating funds from the United States of various insurance companies, the test results for insurance companies to assess the security risks of different models to enhance vehicle safety. Because the insurance company, the more secure vehicles, insurance companies pay less money. Unique insurance company starting point coincides with the consumer, so although many people hate the insurance company, but for the annual IIHS evaluation results are loved.

Last year, not satisfied with the collision test to assess vehicle safety performance IIHS, for the first time the "poison" to the automotive headlamp safety field, and made a big news. According to the NHTAS US Highway Safety Administration report, most of the car accident deaths occurred in the late night, dawn and dusk and other line of sight less time, so headlights lighting is very important.

However, IIHS test results are eye-popping. Participate in the test of the 31 cars only the fifth generation Toyota Prius won the excellent evaluation, 10 cars took the failed evaluation, many of them Mercedes-Benz, Cadillac and other luxury brands. Similarly, SUV master / passive security has always been a hot topic of concern to consumers, but in the 21 small and medium-sized SUV headlights safety test, there is no one to obtain excellent evaluation, 12 for the failure of the evaluation. So, if you drive at night to see the road, do not doubt their old age is weak, the problem may appear in your headlights.

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