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Led Taillights Use Effect
Oct 25, 2017

This modification, to enhance the brightness of a certain light, but the effect is limited. Brought about by the line, the switch and the power of a serious increase in power load, the increase in the thermal energy of the bulb, the increase in the temperature of the lamp cup, easy to cause the overload of the line and switch burned to accelerate the aging of the lamp cup mercury Deformation, and may even lead to a fire accident.

The most common fault is after a period of time, the headlamp switch switch contacts. Because, led taillights bulb power increases, the line current multiplied with the increase in the original line (resistance) the same circumstances, the line voltage consumption, that is, the power loss will be a geometric power to increase, The terminal voltage will drop, resulting in increased line load. Therefore, for safety reasons, the bulb power at the same time, the line should be a certain degree of transformation: the installation of relay control, directly from the battery to take power, increase the headlight cooling. Otherwise led taillights not only enhance the brightness of the light effect is not obvious, but increased security risks.

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