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Vehicle Hernia Light Effectively Reduces The Driver's Visual Fatigue, Can Make The Car More Safe Driving.
Oct 24, 2017

Xenon bulbs have two significant advantages: on the one hand, xenon bulbs have three times higher than ordinary halogen bulb light intensity, energy consumption is only two-thirds, higher brightness and power saving power generally 35w-100w the following, high-pressure discharge On the other hand, xenon bulbs and sunlight with almost the same light color, color temperature is good: there are 4300K-12000K, etc., 6000K close to the sun, for the light of the light, The driver creates better visual conditions. It contains more green and blue ingredients, so show blue and white light. This blue and white light has greatly improved the road signs and signs of brightness. Xenon lamps make lighting a wider range of light intensity, greatly improving the driving safety and comfort. Xenon headlamps use electronically excited gas to emit light, there is no tungsten wire, so xenon headlamps longer life.

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