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What Is The Difference Between Hernia Lamp And Halogen Lamp Function?
Oct 24, 2017

1, three times the brightness of the halogen lamp output; this we need to illustrate: If the Audi A6 is equipped with 55 watts of H7 halogen high beam can only issue 1500 lumens, and if a power of 35 watts of xenon lamp can be issued up to 3200 units of lumen. Which is to improve the driver at night and rain and fog driving safety is self-evident!

2,1 / 2 of the energy consumption; xenon lamp in the equivalent of three times the brightness of halogen lamps while saving nearly half of the energy. In other words, the ordinary car if the use of halogen headlamps, its power mostly in the 50W ~ 70W between, and if for the more bright xenon lamp, then only 35W is enough.

3, nearly 7 times the life of the halogen lamp; As already mentioned, halogen light principle is caused by the tungsten wire heat, and tungsten wire in the long-term high temperature is not guaranteed to burn no damage, so their service life only 200 ~ 300 or so. The xenon lamp is the use of current to stimulate the gas luminescence, basically do not produce too high temperature, so as long as one of the xenon is not exhausted, it can always light up, so its service life has been a great continuation. Now xenon lamp life of 2000, this figure will mean that it can accompany the car's life. Just this point, xenon lamp is also worth it.

4, xenon lamp In addition to the above mentioned three outstanding advantages, it is due to higher luminous color temperature, and thus light color closer to the sun, so even higher brightness, but not dazzling, which for the protection of night pedestrians and It is very important that the behavior of other drivers is not disturbed!

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