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What Is The Difference Between Xenon Lamp And Halogen Lamp?
Oct 24, 2017

1. Light principle is not the same, halogen lamp is the use of tungsten light, xenon lamp is inert gas discharge light, LED headlamps are light-emitting diode light.

2. Different energy consumption, halogen lamp energy consumption, the general car is used 55W, xenon lamp is generally used in 35W, LED headlamp was 20W or so.

3. Brightness difference, brightness halogen low, 55W for more than 1000 lumens, xenon lamp 35W is about 3200 lumens, LED headlamps currently have 20W can reach 3000-4000 lumens.

4. Life is different, the general life of the halogen lamp 500, xenon lamp life of 3000 or so, LED lamp life is not yet well concluded, because the current technology is not very mature, but the theory can reach about 50,000.

5. Response time is different, halogen and LED headlamps that is open that all bright, no delay; and xenon headlamps will be delayed, the general ordinary xenon lamp about 6 seconds to full light, fast open 2 seconds up to light The

6. Color temperature difference, halogen lamp is generally only a color temperature, color temperature of 2700K or so, light yellow. Xenon lamp color temperature optional large, from 3000K to 30000K, different colors of light have, the market is commonly used is 4300K, 5000K or 6000K, while the LED headlights are generally 4300K or 6000K, there may be more The color temperature can be selected.

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